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Reason for Aquarium Fish Dead

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

• New Tank Syndrome: It is a state due to new tank, filters, decoration, add beneficial bacteria medicine.

• Chlorine: Tap water may contain Chlorine and Chloramine, to neutralise use anti chlorine.

• Aquarium Gears: Check condition of air pump, heaters, lights &filters.

• Poor Water Condition: Clean filters every week, it is recommended to replace 25 percentage of water by weekly, full cleaning in bimonthly, removes nitrites & ammonia. Sudden changes in PH.

• Over stock: fish pop makes pollutants at level high, creates ammonia in aquarium. Chance of fighting each other.

• Over Feeding: Feed fish food which they can eat in 1 minute, uneaten food coverts to ammonia highly toxic for fish.

• Disease: obverse fish health, movement, feeding.

• Tank Mates: Choose appropriate tank mates, chance fishes quarrel each other.

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