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Axolotl Caring Tips

If you are interested to buy Axolotl please read the Axolotl Necessary Equipment :

1- single Axolotl, a 20 -30 gallon aquarium.

2- sponge filter and You’ll need an air pump to run this filter .

3- select the right light for your Axolotl tank because the Axolotls don’t appreciate bright light at all and powerful lamps .

4- Aquarium Chillers or Water Cooling Fan because Axolotls enjoy temperatures between 16-18 degrees .

5- Aquarium substrate sand.

6- Axolotl Cave - Ceramic Fish Tank Decorations.

7- Best plants for Axolotls is Anubias · Java Fern · Amazon Frogbits · Water Lettuce · Water Hyacinth · Elodea (Water Weeds) · Java Moss · Marimo Moss or Floating Aquarium Plants.

8- driftwood make for a great natural look in your Axolotl tank.

9- Axolotl should be kept in a single-species.

10- Best Axolotl foods is frozen bloodworms and Keep in mind Always remove any uneaten food within a few hours to avoid water quality issues.

Please note that the Axolotl is very sensitive And will be sick from

Bad water

Touching by hand

Extra feed

Axolotl west

Hot and warm water

Stone gravel


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