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Christmas moss vs Java moss

Java Moss and Christmas Moss are the most famous names from this family. People show their interest in reading a comparative study of Christmas Moss VS Java Moss.

Java Moss. (Taxipillam barberi)

• Suitable for low tech plant.

• Grow on Driftwood,Rock, and gravel.

• excellent nitrate removers to establish a healthy aquarium environment.

• Widely used by breeders

• Java Moss demands almost no care.

• Java Moss is a moderately fast grower without fertilizer & CO2 feeding,

• Java Moss can grow in a wide range of conditions, including relatively colder water,

Christmas moss.

• Demand moderate light.

• Though CO2 Supplimentation and fertiliser not mandatory if given it accelerate Colour & growth.

• excellent nitrate removers to establish a healthy aquarium environment.

• Christmas Moss requires a little supervision for healthy growth.

• Christmas Moss grows well in warmer water.

I will suggest Java Moss if:

• You are a noob in keeping live plants.

• Your primary intention is to get the purification benefits from live plants.

• You have a low-tech and low budget aquarium with low light.

• You don’t have additional time to invest in caring for aquarium plants.

And I recommend Christmas Moss if:

• You can manage additional time to care for your Moss.

• You have adequate lighting in the aquarium.

• You are a seasoned aquarist and interested in aquascaping.

• You are interested in making a Moss-wall or a Moss-carpet.

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