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Tired of moss floating any where it wants in your fish or shrimp tank? Truly it can be a mess of beauty but with the Moss Ball Grower, it will not only be controlled but easy to move during cleaning and great to look at during viewing sessions. No longer will moss can tangle up in your other floating plants. Large sphere surface can hold good bacteria and awesome place for biofilm for the shrimp. The Growing Sphere will not float, within the bottom of the grow sphere is aquatic minerals which weighs the ball from floating. Great way to hide other types of mineral balls too! 

  • Moss Ball Growing Sphere 
  • Non Toxic Plastic (Fish & Shrimp Safe)
  • Screw Up and Screw Down for adjustment of the top of the sphere 
  • Color Clear 
  • Easy to assemble and remove 
  • Diameter:5 cm/1.96'' - Height:3.6 cm/1.42''

Moss Ball Holder Grow Plants