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Limnophila aromatica "Red" is an especially interesting, relatively small form of the Aromatic Limnophila. It has two, sometimes also three leaves per node. Its submerged foliage shows red tones. The stems are about 2 mm thick, olive green to brown red. The narrowly lanceolate leaves have a serrated edge and get to about 5,5 cm long and 9 mm wide. This plant looks similar to Limnophila sp. "Belem" but differs by a darker red stem and mostly lacking red blotches on the leaves.
In its terrestrial (emersed) form, this Limnophila also resembles Proserpinaca palustris. However it has two leaves, Proserpinaca only one leaf on each node.

We recommend good lighting, soft to medium hard water, complete micro- and macronutrient supply, CO2 addition and temperatures of about 22 to 27 °C. As well as other stem plants, it can be propagated by cuttings.

Limnophila aromatica "Red" is a colourful stem plant that looks best as an about 20 to 40 cm high group in the midground of well-lit aquariums. It can also be grown as emersed plant in well-lit paludariums where one may expect its purplish flowers.

Limnophylla Aromatica (Red)